Rules and Regulations

CANet® is a Pan-Canadian multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral research and development network of investigators, well-positioned industry partners, patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers focused on arrhythmia research, technology development and commercialization, and digital transformation activities.

Millions of Canadians experience irregular heart rhythms, known as arrhythmias. Arrhythmias can cause sudden cardiac death, which kills 40,000 Canadians a year. Sudden Cardiac Death is projected to be the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Canada by 2020.


One (1) grant of $200,000 will be awarded.

CANet holds the right to deny any award if conditions outlined by CANet and its funders are not met. Winner selection and award is at the sole discretion of CANet.

How to Enter

To enter the CANet® Shift competition, please visit

Competition Organizer

The organizer of the competition is CANet®.

CANet® is a not-for-profit funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) and hosted by Western University in London, Ontario.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

  • The CANet® Shift competition is open to the public
  • Technology must be addressing cardiac arrhythmias 
  • Participants may only join one (1) team
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older
  • Teams must have a company name and must either be incorporated or in the process of being incorporated.
  • Company names containing vulgar, explicit or inappropriate content will be immediately rejected from the competition
  • Teams are to assign a team representative as a main point of contact during the competition
  • Team representative must complete the application form
  • Teams who are successful in reaching the final stage must take part in the final stage in order to be eligible to receive any prizes
  • If a team is disqualified, the members of the dismissed team will not be permitted to re-enter the competition on different teams
  • Scores rendered by the judges will not be disclosed to the competition participants.
  • Judges’ decisions are final and are not subject to review
  • You may apply if you currently hold a CANet® grant
  • Funds must follow the award terms and conditions outlined by CANet® commercializing fund

Submission Deadline

The competition starts on November 29, 2019 and the deadline for entries is January 17, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Finalists will be notified on January 24, 2020.

Competition Procedure

Stage 1

Call for Submissions (Deadline: January 17, 2020)

Decisions made by the competition organizers during the registration phase are absolute and final, and no claims or challenges about its decisions may be made by competition participants.

Stage 2

Pitch Competition (February 4, 2020)

The pitch is the final stage of the Competition. Competitors who make it to this round will have to deliver a pitch on February 4, 2020 to a panel of judges in front of a live audience of patients.

In preparation for the pitch, teams may submit their slides to CANet by 11:59 p.m. on February 3, 2020.

If teams do not submit slides by this time, it will be assumed that no slides will be part of the pitch.

Communications and Publicity

CANet® will issue communications of the finalists for the promotion of the event and competition. CANet may request teams to provide biographical details and photographs and agree to these being published on CANet® communication platforms and on CANet® social network accounts as part of the communication campaign for the competition.


CANet® reserves the right to cancel or postpone the competition for any reason and at any time.

Contest rules may be modified by CANet® without notice during the competition. Potential applicants will be informed on the competition website.

Limitation of Liability

CANet®, shall, under no circumstances, be held liable for defectiveness of any reception equipment or lines of communication; the loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, the loss of any data; forwarding problems; the consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly, technical defect; and/or any damage caused to any participant’s computer.

Participants are reminded of the limits of the Internet network, especially with regard to technical performances, response times for consulting or transferring information, the overloading of the network and the risks of contamination by virus. CANet® will not be held responsible for any damage caused to participants, to their IT equipment and their data stored thereon as well as for any consequences that may arise therefrom on the results of the participants in the context or their personal or professional activities. It is incumbent upon Competition participants to take all appropriate steps in order to protect their own data and/or software stored on their IT equipment against any form of hacking.


Applicants may send in questions at any time to